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Coronavirus Townhall for Gym Owners 3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Putnam
Opinion about actively using this to attract new paying clients?
Drew Gadoci
This may be premature but I don't want to forget. We are making all of our content available direct to our members via email and through a private FB group. The thought is they are paying and this is the only way to show them value for their membership dues.Would you encourage them to share pics/videos of them working out in an effort to "advertise" that we are still active.
Mark Putnam
What if a limited member (12x per month) wants to upgrade to limited during this time? Free upgrade or charge for upgrade?
Mark Putnam
We use SugarWOD. Should we continue to use and allow members to see a weeks worth of workouts?
Jeff Zwally
Jeff affiliate owner at Stay Classy here - I’d also recommend adding classes to Saturday and Sunday too. The 5 day work week is gone for now. Keep your members engaged and with structure 7 days a week. Also scheduled OG gym time a few times a week on Zoom just to bring the community together to chat and work out “together”.
Justin Enders
I'm in two brain growth and was looking to see when that's tool you were talking about is going to be available. And is there a post or link somewhere with detailed steps on how to deliver message about 1-on-1 training pivot
Dana Lichtenberger
How many clients per coach do you think is a limit (or does a limit exist) to retain quality of service when starting out? Interested in first helping our current clients as much as possible, haven't posted anywhere public/social media that we are doing this yet, just wondering if we should try to reach out.
Justin Enders
oops incubator...
Rickard Björnekärr
have u figured best way to pay staff atm?
Jarett Perelmutter
Chris - Thanks for taking the time to openly communicate. As I know you are aware, experts are surfacing EVERYWHERE on best practices during this crises and the move to online. My question to you is this….1. Thoughts on the long term effects of this on the economics of the boutique fitness industry. Specifically CF’s. 2. The transparent response to the affiliate owners who were struggling prior to this almost inevitable recession, even if temporary…..What’s the prep for them without going further in to debt?
Jarett Perelmutter
To be clear to my first statement…what should affiliates look out for in these newly surfaced crises experts for proper guidance?
Jay Wein
Are these initial calls just check-ins and general or are you prescribing different package options right off the bat?
Jared Mielke
Hey Chris, do you have any data on youth programs? My adults skipped out on the zoom and asked to go personalized. I gave my youth performance group that option and they said no emphatically. I posted in the GOU group and someone else said they had a similar experience. ANy of the other gyms experiencing this? Thanks! Jared
Jarett Perelmutter
Much appreciate it. Keep servicing buddy. Stay healthy and wishing all the best.
Tawnya Mitchell
Chris we just downsized in February and it is good because I'm not as stressed about our rent or clients. Small is good right now. It's under control right now. We have to close up shop tonight and have been loaning out equipment. No one wants to drop and everyone is ecstatic that they are being put on one of the coaches teams. We've got this thanks to your team. Already got one new client from Germany and I'm in Texas!
Jared Mielke
I meant my kids want the zoom class they are already there. They don't want individualized
Jared Mielke
Yes they want the community
Rickard Björnekärr
for cashflow we concidered to ask members to buy up tshirts and equipment we have on stock. this releases equity from those assets. Thanks for all great recommendations!